Complete relaxation at Les Angles’ Angléo Balnéo & Spa


The Pyrenees Mountains invite you to do some kind of exercise. Whether you’ve spent the day skiing, hiking, biking, or something else, do your muscles a favour and book a couple of hours at the Angléo Balnéo & Spa in Les Angles. A sizeable interior pool and an even larger exterior pool with a jacuzzi, built-in massaging jets, and water fountains will help you unwind fully.

Warm water pools

On a little ski trip with Middlest, I surprised him with a visit to the warm water pools of Les Angles. The Angléo Balnéo & Spa complex is the beating heart of this lovely mountain village. The nearby free parking lot makes it easily accessible. At the end of the skiing day is the busiest time of the day. However, when we were there, it was okay, as it was a Friday night outside the (French) school holidays. I had reserved our tickets beforehand via our hotel, but you can also buy them online (22 euros per adult for 2 hours). Via the modern and clean changing area, we were ready for some pampering. One tip for the boys: bring tight boxer swimming trunks, as loose shorts aren’t allowed.

Les Angles


Entering the spa area opened up a whole world of relaxation. We first headed to the outside pool, designed like a spiral ending with a very bubbly jacuzzi. In the middle there was a swirl, caught in a see-through column. After some time outside, Middlest and I went inside to explore. And there was a lot! From cozy saunas and steaming hammams to a salt cave and a dedicated kids’ area. Middlest thought the sauna and the hammam were too hot to handle, so we mostly stayed in the spacious in-house pool. The beautiful interior design included wood and stone that fitted harmoniously with the blue water.


Vivid blue

Once the night fell, we went outside again. By this time, the exterior pool was beautifully lit in a vivid blue. Together with the steam coming from the water and the starry night above us, the scenery was magic. I can imagine it looks even more stunning with snow! If you want, you can prolong your stay with a massage or a beauty treatment. We already felt rosy after almost two hours of soaking (changing time is included in the 2 hours access) and it felt like we floated home.

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