Re-source yourself at Les Bains de Saint-Thomas in the Pyrenees

Les Bains de Saint-Thomas

Most of the time when I write about activities, they involve some physical action. However, with this post I would like to share the ultimate relaxation activity, namely bathing in one of the Pyrenees’ natural hot springs. After our ski trip to Font-Romeu, I took Oldest to the Bains de Saint-Thomas in the village of Fontpédrouse. Is there a better way to relax your muscles after a hard day of skiing?

Sulphurous water source

Les Bains de Saint-Thomas are situated in the heart of a valley and surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. The natural sulphurous water source has a temperature of 58 degrees, which makes it one of the hottest in the Pyrenees. The entrance fee is 7.50 euros for adults and 6 euros for kids between 4 and 11 years old. Oldest also had to rent some tight swimming trunks, as he only had shorts, and those are not allowed. Next, we changed into our bathing suits and put our clothes in lockers, and we were good to go!

Les Bains de Saint-Thomas


The exterior of the Bains de Saint-Thomas has three outdoor pools, all of them with a temperature around 37 degrees. A remarkable stone amphitheatre looks out over the paddling pool and the biggest basin. On the other end of the shower ramp is the third pool, including a jacuzzi. Before you can immerse yourself in the warm water, you first have to brave the cold (it was 2 degrees when we were there) and hit the shower of 40 degrees. I took an extra hurdle by climbing the steps of the amphitheatre to take the overview picture at the top of this post. Forgive me if it is a bit blurry, but I couldn’t stand the freezing cold much longer, wearing only a bikini…

Les Bains de Saint-Thomas


Oldest and I didn’t have time to try out the well-being area. For 16 euros (from age 12 and upwards), you can combine the outdoor thermal baths with a jacuzzi, hammam, sauna and steam room. Besides this option, you can also book a beauty treatment and massages from 39 euros. As the thermal baths are open all year, it’s great to go in the middle of winter, as Oldest and I did. Unfortunately, it didn’t snow recently. But since we went at the end of the day, we experienced the baths in daylight as well as a magical evening lighting. We didn’t want to come out of the warm water, though. Eventually, we headed home, feeling completely revitalized by the beneficial water.

hot water spring

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