Happy runners at the Color People Run in Sète

Color People Run Sète

Winter is officially over, so time to get out of hibernation mode! Luckily, my eye fell upon a most interesting event: a Color People Run organised in Sète. Chéri and the kids joined me, as this 5 kilometre ‘happiest run in the world’ is suitable for the whole family. An early start on Sunday morning didn’t stop us, nor did the changing of the clocks. Kind of fresh-faced and in a surprisingly good mood we were ready for some action!

Dress up

And the action had already started at 09h00. Because of the time change, it felt like an ordinary school day… I had bought the tickets for oldest, Chéri and I online, the twins joined in for free. With these tickets, we collected our starter kit, which included a t-shirt, sunglasses, a bracelet and a temporary tattoo. After dressing up, we were drawn into the beats of the warm-up.

Color People Run Sète


The tunes from the DJ already made quite a large crowd dance. Unbelievable to see all of these runners cutting loose! To remind you, it was 10h00 on a Sunday morning… About a half an hour before starting time, the actual warm-up started. We couldn’t sit still, and everybody was jumping and moving. Meanwhile, big bursts of glitter and colour dropped onto the crowd kept the party going.

Color People Run Sète

Not about winning

The Color People Run started at 11h00. The cool thing about this run is that everybody can join in, regardless of age, fitness levels or background. I even saw a dressed up dog! And it is not about winning, as the run is not timed. Chéri and I split up. He ran with our girl, who needed a bit more time to run. And I ran with our two boys. Who didn’t quite get the “it’s-not-about-winning-part”… They flew off, and I had difficulties keeping up with them!

Color People Run Sète

Colour stations

The 5k run was very manageable, especially because of the fun colour stations at each kilometre marker. We started with orange, followed by yellow, green and blue. The blue colour station was like a smurf warzone, and a haze of blue powder covered everything. As a result, I couldn’t see where I was going. Luckily the colour powder used is non-toxic and made of cornstarch coloured with food dyes. So no harm if you inhale some of it. I was feeling blue inside and out!



Everybody had to finish by 12h30. We all came in well before time. I was very proud of our kids! After a drink, the post-race party continued. In case we didn’t feel colourful enough, more powder packages were distributed, to be tossed into the air to get the best rainbow explosion. Lots of balloons and, why not, more glitter, all added to the party feeling. Leaving us with a smile from ear to ear all day long.

Color People Run Sète
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