Fresh vegetables and fruits at La Cueillette de Caillan

La Cueillette de Caillan

Here in the South, we are spoilt with the best fruit and vegetables. And what could be more fun than picking them yourself? Since we don’t have a vegetable garden of our own- my fingers really aren’t green- we headed for the pick your own farm La Cueillette de Caillan in Bessan.


The twins and I went off to La Cueillette de Caillan on a sunny summer’s day. My brood still wants to go here with me, as they love to harvest their own fruits and vegetables. On arrival, you first choose your wheelbarrow: small or big. You can buy a basket if you need and cutters are lent for free. Next, you walk to the sign that shows what can be picked that particular day. Here you can also get a garden plan.

La Cueillette de Caillan


Allez, c’est parti! First of all, potatoes and zucchinis. The kids were very enthusiastic when harvesting the potatoes. And the zucchinis were so big that it was a challenge to find a somewhat normal-sized one. From yellow, green and red bell peppers we went to the sun-ripened tomatoes. Our wheelbarrows piled up pretty high!

La Cueillette de Caillan

Juicy raspberries

On our way to the raspberry field, we had a break in the shadow of a tree. Tip: Do not go in the middle of the day and bring water with you. You will definitely need it! And if you go raspberry picking, it’s smart to bring a small basket or bag. Fortunately, we had one of those with us. So we picked enough for a nice jar of homemade raspberry jam.

La Cueillette de Caillan

Full basket

At the cash register, you will find plenty of potatoes and onions if you don’t feel like picking them yourself. You can also get sweet melons. Prices are much lower than in the supermarket. For 23 euros we brought home a whole basket full of all kinds of goodies!

pick your own farm Caillan
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