Tip for a free day out in the Montpellier Zoo

Montpellier Zoo

Every year in June, our kids are always very busy finishing the school year. And it’s not only school that is busy. As the kids attend music and dance classes during the year, June is also the time for all their end of year performances. That is why I wanted to surprise them with a visit to the Montpellier Zoo, also known as Zoo du Lunaret. It was a gorgeous sunny day, a perfect day to go to the wildlife park.

Free admission

The great thing is that the zoo is free admission. Free! Of course, being a thrifty Dutchie, I think this is a big plus. However, I was not the only one, as there were many Frenchmen and women leisurely walking around. There is a part of the zoo where you do have to pay an entrance fee: the Serre Amazonienne. It is worth going in there if you want to see all kinds of animals from tropical rain forests, such as crocodiles, colourful frogs, monkeys, birds and the lot.

Parc de Lunaret

Great picnic, cool playgrounds

The Lunaret park itself is also very nice and impressively big. You can easily spend a couple of hours here. Definitely if you bring a picnic. There are many great picnic spots, including some cool playgrounds- according to our kids. You will also find some huge wooden statues of animals for the kids to climb on, that can be found on the way between the bears and the lions.

Montpellier Zoo

Wide variety of animals

In 1910, Henri de Lunaret, owner of a large estate including almost 350 hectares, left his land to the city of Montpellier. In 1963, Mr Doumenge, an oceanographer and deputy mayor, started the construction of the Montpellier Zoo, together with Mr Pelissier, the estate manager. The doors first opened in 1964, presenting the zebras as the first inhabitants. Soon to be followed by many other animals. Nowadays you can admire, amongst others: lions, bears, elephants, cheetahs, and many more. For the little ones, there is also a petting farm. Good fun guaranteed!

Montpellier Zoo
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