Parc Aquaviva at Lac de la Cavayère near Carcassonne

Parc Aquaviva

Looking for a refreshing dip, I took the twins on a day trip to Carcassonne. It may seem odd to visit a medieval citadel for some water fun. However, even at Carcassonne there is a beach. It’s called Carcassonne Plage and it is hidden amid lush nature on the banks of the Lac de la Cavayère. Every year, from June to August, the aqua park of Parc Aquaviva rises up in the middle of this lake.

Testing team

As our twins are a critical audience, they were the perfect testing team for Parc Aquaviva at the Lac de la Cavayère. To reach this water park, you have to walk 900 meters from the entrance of the lake. Normally, the twins aren’t too keen on hiking. But with the inflatable water playground in view, they ran like the wind. Of course, I didn’t mind this little hike. The artificial Lac de la Cavayère and the Raymond Chésa leisure complex spread over 40 hectares in a beautiful natural environment. There are tons of activities to do, such as renting pedal boats, waterskiing, and wakeboarding, to name a few. Also, there is a treetop adventure park, O2 Adventure.

Lac de la Cavayère


However, the twins had a goal and none of the other activities could distract them from it. Soon enough, we reached the water park. In the summer months, Parc Aquaviva is open every day from 11h00 to 19h00. You can buy a ticket for 1 hour (10 euros pp), 2 hours (14 hours pp) or a day pass (20 euros pp). As we arrived just after 11 o’clock, we almost had the place to ourselves. After the kids received their coloured bracelets (so they knew when they had to get out) and a life jacket, they were good to go.

Parc Aquaviva

Happy dolphins

While I installed myself in one of the comfortable deck chairs with a drink, I watched the twins having a blast. In one hour, they climbed, slid, clambered and splashed away. I feared that it might be too short a time, but after one hour, two happy but tired dolphins climbed out of the emerald green water. We had a simple lunch while watching the cool guys slide off the ‘water-jump’. For an extra 5 euros per person, you can launch yourself from these giant slides. Completely overjoyed, it’s probably needless to say that the twins approved of the Parc Aquaviva.

Parc Aquaviva
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