The best 8 shopping finds in lovely Uzès

shopping Uzès

Wednesday is market day in charming Uzès (see previous post here). A day not to miss if you’re nearby. Besides the weekly market, there are some great shops in this bustling Southern French town. The first time I visited Uzès, I was with Chéri and our brood. Trying to hop in a few shops to have a “quick look”, I soon enough figured out that I had to come back for some serious shopping. So I did. And now I’m happy to share my finds with you.

1. Casa & Dolce Vita – 7 boulevard des Alliés

Uzès is a lovely little town with lots of hidden gems. I started my shopping quest at the Boulevard des Alliés. And here is where I found my first surprise of the day: the furniture and lifestyle store Casa & Dolce Vita. Everywhere I looked I saw the most beautiful pieces of furniture, perfectly styled with tableware, lighting, baskets, plaids, cushions and more. Their style is natural with a twist. Absolutely love it.

shopping Uzès

2. Au Bois de mon Cœur – 3 passage du Marché

On my way to La Place aux Herbes, I walked through the Passage du Marché and discovered this children’s heaven. Toy store Au Bois de mon Cœur sells the most desirable toys. No hysterical plastic, noisy toys with flashing lights here. Only a well-thought-out, creative and high-quality assortment. They have a huge selection of the sweetest and cuddliest stuffed animals. And outside, on the sides of the Place aux Herbes, you will find a very cool and colourful collection of vintage toy cars.

shopping Uzès

3. Terre & Garrigue – 8 place aux Herbes

Terre & Garrigue is a home and garden concept store which has the most original products. If you are looking for a gift, this is the perfect place to go. Or you can keep it for yourself. Beautifully designed items such as bowls, candles, cushions, vases, trays, star-shaped lights, and so much more. It is a true feast for your eyes, and it’s hard to choose between the many lovely products.

Place aux Herbes

4. Terroirs – 5 place aux Herbes

If you are done shopping at the Wednesday market, Terroirs is the place to enjoy a lovely lunch. However, it is not only a bar or a restaurant. You can also get some of the finest local products. There is a choice between olive oils, vinegar, honey, confiture, spices, chutneys and tapenades to name a few. Including a good wine selection. They even make richly filled baskets, so you’re ready to go for a picnic.

shopping Uzès

5. Les Affaires Etrangères – 1 rue Pelisserie

I was continuing my stroll to Rue Jacques d’Uzès when my eye spotted an interesting looking shop window in the Rue Pelisserie. This wonderful and oriental mix of furniture and home decoration needed a closer look. Once inside, I couldn’t have been happier. Les Affaires Etrangères collects its tasteful assortment mostly from the Oriental world. You will find awesome Moroccan lamps, Berber carpets, colourful fabrics, custom-made sofas and beautiful pieces of art. What a great place! A definite must-go, if you ask me.

shopping Uzès

6. La Maison de Syla – 7 rue Jacques d’Uzès

I didn’t know where to look first in this eclectic concept store. La Maison de Syla has a colourful collection with a sense of humour. You will find a wide range of unique treasures in home decoration, tableware and bed linen (presented on a hanging bed). They also have originally designed shoes, bags and accessories as part of the collection. The fluffy flamingos dotted everywhere around the store will lure you inside. They are the cutest thing ever.

shopping Uzès

7. CR Uzès – 6 bis rue Jacques d’Uzès

Right in the middle of Rue Jacques d’Uzès, this store facade hides a gorgeous green and lush courtyard. CR Uzès sells pottery, but not just any pottery. Initially, these pots were created to honour the Baron of Castile and his beloved wife, Hermine de Rohan. CR (which stands for Castile and Rohan) wanted to keep the ancient craftsmanship. So you will find a lot of pottery in this shop. Some in a classic style, but also some with a modern twist.

shopping Uzès

8. Audelia d’Antan – 1 rue du Duché

On my way back to the car, I decided to walk via the Château Ducal, better known as “Le Duché”. Lucky I did, as this is how I discovered the universe of Audelia d’Antan. This unique store lets you travel back in time as you can actually buy clothes inspired by a time long past. It is also possible to have them custom made. Besides clothes, Audelia d’Antan sells the most beautiful, very enticing stationery.

Audelia d’Antan
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