Why we keep going back to L’Alchimie in Béziers


New name, new location, but the same quality of food and service, that’s restaurant L’Alchimie in Béziers. Since their move from the little streets around the cathedral to the charming Place de la Madeleine, the light flows in. Another big plus is that you can now benefit from a sunny terrace. It makes it a great spot to watch the calm rhythm of Southern French life go by. Especially when combining it with beautiful Mediterranean flavours on your plate and in your glass.


If you follow my blog, you have probably understood by now that Chéri and I like testing out new restaurants. However, we also enjoy returning to places that have withstood the (my…) test. L’Alchimie is one of those restaurants because of its appealing menu and homemade food. And even the original interior has been partly made by the owner! I like how the wooden panels of the table tops are extended to the ceiling and completed with ambient lighting. Whether it’s lunch or dinner time, with or without kids, winter or summer: we always enjoy our meals here.


Daily suggestion

The menu offers three selections per course, with the addition of a daily Chef’s suggestion. On top of that, you can order two types of burgers, and there are three different large salads. As we have eaten at L’Alchimie numerous times, we have our preferences. Although, the daily suggestion has tempted us several times to try something new as well. The starters are around 10 euros, the main courses about 17 euros, and the desserts all cost 7 euros. During the week, they serve a lunch menu for 22 euros. This time, Chéri and I brought the brood, and as always, they picked a classic burger. Chéri and I had a starter as well, which we ended up sharing, of course. The gravlax salmon came with a refreshing beetroot ice cream. Instead of the gazpacho-with-ice-cream I like to order in summer, I chose the Chef’s suggestion: a light and bright vegetable millefeuille.


Brioche perdue

To continue our meal, the boys had made their choice as usual: burgers for our sons and grilled steak for Chéri. My daughter preferred to taste the Caesar salad, one of my favourites on the menu. And I had another daily suggestion: linguine pasta with palourdes, the local clams. For dessert, the kids and I didn’t need to revisit the menu. We unanimously ordered the brioche perdue: a big slice of French toast-style sweet bread served with salted caramel, speculoos crumbs, ice cream and whipped cream. It’s so good that it’s the only option for us. Chéri didn’t pay attention and had a chocolate fondant, which was delicious too. But after having a bite of the brioche perdu, he will order the same as us next time!

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