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Angus & Bacchus

When proposing a lunch venue to Chéri and the kids, I know I have to come up with something that involves fries and burgers. So, when visiting Montpellier last week, I did some investigation to avoid ending up at some junk food joint. I was so glad I did, as this is how I found ‘meat bar’ Angus & Bacchus. If the family wants to eat meat, I prefer that it’s good quality. And for that, you can completely trust this restaurant.

Pleasantly surprised

After a bit of exploring Montpellier, it was time to feed our hungry teenagers. I’m still surprised to see the amount of food they can eat, especially the boys! The kids started to fear my choice of restaurant, knowing my love for healthy, vegetarian food. However, entering Angus & Bacchus pleasantly surprised them. And me as well. A no-nonsense interior with industrial touches opened up before us under an ancient vaulted ceiling. The floor was made of old wooden cases, some of them from Holland. And in the back, we spotted an excellent selection of wines from the area. Kids happy, Mum and Dad happy!

Angus & Bacchus

Bar à viande

Angus & Bacchus is run by two food-loving friends, Hugo and Fabio. It took a couple of years before they jumped into the crazy idea of opening a restaurant. But, after four years of reflecting and dreaming, and Hugo convincing Fabio, they took the leap. And now you can go to their ‘bar à viande’ whose main priority is serving high-quality meals made with local produce for a reasonable price. You can choose between starters (from 10 euros), steaks (from 19 euros), plates to share (from 60 euros), classic dishes (from 19 euros) and desserts (from 7 euros). From Monday to Friday, you can also opt for the lunch menu, with starters and desserts for 7 euros and main courses for 14 euros. And even in this meat-oriented restaurant, you can find a few vegetarian options. We all went for the lunch menu, including a starter for Chéri and me.

Angus & Bacchus


Along with some great wine, Chéri had a freshly cut carpaccio smoked over beech wood. And I had picked the only vegetarian starter of half a burrata, cheered up with an apple and onion compote, pickles and parmesan crumbles. You can guess our main dishes: mouthwatering burgers for the kids and the best steaks for Chéri and me. The price included one side dish and one homemade sauce. The homemade fries were spot on, according to Chéri and the kids. If I can make a suggestion, I would go for the vegetable side dish, though. It was the most heavenly prepared fennel that I have ever tasted, thanks to the Asian spices and braised preparation. What a find! The deserts of chocolate mousse and the ‘Big Cookie’ with ice cream were simple but effective for our sweet teeth. Angus & Bacchus gloriously stood the test by our family panel!

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