L’Atelier 35 in Mèze shares its love for food

Atelier 35 Mèze

Last Sunday was one of those perfect spring days. I wanted to take the kids to the Dinosaur Museum in Mèze; however, they opened at 14h00… What an excellent excuse to have lunch in the oldest town of the Thau Basin. After a quick check on the internet, I decided to go to L’Atelier 35. And none of us regretted this decision. My oh my, did we have a great lunch!

Great find

Sometimes you come across a great find. In my humble opinion, L’Atelier 35 is definitely one of those. We started with the set lunch menu. Not much choice, two dishes for every course. Good choices though, with the possibility to eat à la carte. And then the price was very ok (16,50 euros for starter/main or main/dessert). The amiable waiter surprised us with an “amuze” of cucumber gazpacho with balsamico marbles. Good start to the feast that was to follow.

Atelier 35 Mèze


Our oldest is twelve years old now, so no more kiddies menu for him. The twins still love it though, and their meals looked fantastic! A freshly made chicken burger with homemade fries and all kinds of vegetables presented in a wonderful and appetising way made us very impatient for our lunch to arrive. The boys had a chicken burger, which was “too good to be true” according to oldest. He and Chéri could hardly finish their plates. I enjoyed a bulgur salad with bonito steak (fish that is, tuna family) and all kinds of vegetables. Delicious to the max!

Atelier 35 Mèze


After finishing all of this lovely food, we had a tiny space left for dessert. The children had a chocolate cake. I thought the twins’ portion would be a small, kid’s menu version, but it was equally as big as what oldest was having. And it tasted good! Chéri and I had a pear tiramisu, which was divine too. Utterly pleased and full of energy we left the restaurant, ready to meet some dinosaurs.

Atelier 35 Mèze
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