La Brasserie à 4 Temps by Franck Putelat in Carcassonne

Franck Putelat

To conclude a fun outing to Carcassonne’s castle with my girl, we decided to have lunch in the less crowded bastide. I’d heard about the two Michelin starred restaurant La Table de Franck Putelat, also in Carcassonne. However, that would be too fancy for my daughter and me. Therefore, we headed for the more accessible Brasserie à 4 Temps, a bistro setting supervised by the same chef.

Watchful eye

To be sure, I had made a reservation before going to the Brasserie à 4 Temps. I was glad I did, as the pleasant outside seating area was full of people enjoying their good-looking dishes. Daughter dear and I were seated in front of the watchful eye of Franck Putelat himself. Well, it was a larger-than-life picture of him, making us feel like he was present at our table. Sitting under the welcoming shade of an enormous plane tree and several giant parasols, Carcassonne’s town life passed before our eyes.

La Brasserie à 4 Temps

Bistronomic twist

Both the exterior and interior of the Brasserie à 4 Temps can seat quite a lot of people (70 outside and 70 inside). However, we had our own waiter, making ordering smooth and easy. The menu offers classic, homemade dishes with a bistronomic twist, made by chef Tony Beteille and his team. The idea is that you can come in around one of the four eating moments of the day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Every course on the menu has four choices in line with the restaurant’s name. During lunch on weekdays and Saturdays, the restaurant proposes a three-course menu for 21.50 euros with dishes you can pick from the menu. The set menu of three courses goes for 34 euros and can be ordered at any time.

La Brasserie à 4 Temps


I tested the lunch menu, which started with a delicious salmon gravlax on a square of quinoa and citrus salad, which we shared. Daughter dear spotted a fish and chips 4 Temps, with tasty fried fish bits and purple potato crisps (instead of chips). My main course was a creamy pilaf with delicate monkfish and shellfish. And as we are both gourmands- like mother like daughter- we finished our feast with a sweet treat. My girl had an enviable fruit melba with fresh strawberries, chunks of cake, vanilla panna cotta and a scoop of honey ice cream. My dessert was good, too: a fluffy chocolate ganache served on a cookie with fresh raspberries, grapes and black sesame seeds. Maybe we’ll have to try the two Michelin starred restaurant the next time…

La Brasserie à 4 Temps
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