Good value for money at Café du Midi in Bize-Minervois

Café du Midi in Bize-Minervois

Picture this: an adorable little square in a most charming village where time seems to have stopped. In Bize-Minervois, you can find this picture-perfect spot on the Place aux Herbes. To make it even more perfect, you can have a beautiful lunch or dinner at restaurant Café du Midi. Here, Sabrine and Alexander serve homemade Provençal cuisine, prepared with fresh Mediterranean produce.


Every year, the kids seem to start their summer holiday earlier. So, I wanted to treat the happy family to a traditional lunch. And because the Café du Midi offers a great lunch menu for only 13.50 euros, the choice of where to go was easy! Their low-priced La Cagette du Midi menu is available during lunch and from Tuesday to Friday only. But the à la carte menu has a wide variety of starters, mains, and desserts as well.

Café du Midi in Bize-Minervois

La Cagette du Midi

As it was an ordinary weekday, Chéri and I went for the Cagette du Midi menu. It always includes two small starters, one main course and two small desserts and comes all in one go on a tray. The food depends on the cook’s mood and changes daily, and luckily the cook is always in a good mood! Our tray included a fresh salad, a homemade quiche, a Julienne (Ling) filet with Provençale rice, a slice of Saint Nectaire cheese and some freshly diced fruit. And it all tasted delicious!

Café du Midi in Bize-Minervois

La Palette Bambin

Oldest wanted to have burger with chips, and that’s what he ordered. The twins preferred the Palette Bambin, the children’s menu for 9 euros. This is a pretty reasonable price for a drink, a small starter, a cheeseburger or chicken strips with chips and a scoop of the ice cream of your choice to conclude. Altogether, we paid 80 euros for five people, including a pichet de vin (small jug of house wine) and tip. Chéri and I always wonder how they can serve such tasty food at such a low cost. Ok, it’s not gastronomic and fancy. But if you’re looking for a traditional meal in a lovely restaurant with friendly service, this is one for your list.

Café du Midi in Bize-Minervois
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