Cèze Grand Rue in Roque-sur-Cèze dazzles the palate

Cèze Grand Rue

After our day trip to medieval Roque-sur-Cèze and the Cascades du Sautadet, my family and I decided to go for a bite. Well, I had already made the decision before we went, as I had found a lovely restaurant with good reviews in the village itself. However, I preferred making a reservation beforehand given the modest size of restaurant Cèze Grand Rue. And I was glad I did, because none of us would have wanted to miss lunch at this great find!


The charming waitress was on a roll and full of energy and seated our little family in the tiny garden. A Japanese Mulberry Tree provided welcome shade on the terrace outside, giving it a cosy atmosphere. Especially with the fairylight bulbs entwined in the leaves. The menu, marked on a chalkboard, changes regularly and offers beautiful homemade dishes made with local products. During the summer, the restaurant works with two shifts at lunchtime, one at 12h00 and the other at 13h30. If you want to have the widest choice, I would try to make a reservation for the early shift, to avoid dishes running out.

Cèze Grand Rue


We arrived during the second shift and were lucky to have all the dishes we wanted. The menu offers several choices per course. As we weren’t too hungry, we all choose one dish followed by a dessert- our kids have a sweet tooth like us. Cèze Grand Rue is a ‘crêperie’ as well, so our girl went for a savoury pancake with smoked salmon and a lemon sauce (originally a starter). Oldest and Chéri had a simple- but delicious- steak with homemade fries. Middlest tried the exotic chicken in a curry sauce with cashews that was served in a banana leaf. And I also had a starter as main, which was an excellent fresh salad with a big bulb of burrata and giant flakes of summer truffle. All delicious!

Cèze Grand Rue


We have taken our kids to restaurants since they were babies, and we always took games to keep them busy. It’s funny to see that now they are older, they still take games with them. That’s why you’ll see a set of cards in some of the pictures, which had to make room for the abundant ice creams the kids had ordered… While they were too busy eating to continue their game, Chéri and I didn’t say much either because of our desserts. Chéri enjoyed the praline-filled pear while the fruity dessert of strawberries and mango served in a cream-filled crispy basket left me speechless. Restaurants like Cèze Grand Rue make our holidays memorable, and it’s too bad we don’t live closer!

Cèze Grand Rue
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