Château Saint Pierre de Serjac is a true hidden gem

Château Saint Pierre de Serjac

Always on the lookout for new restaurants to add to my list, I stumbled across the magnificent Château of Saint Pierre de Serjac. Tucked away in the scenic Languedoc countryside, the château is surrounded by a typical Mediterranean landscape. When Chéri and I drove up the driveway to the castle, we both fell silent at the sight of the beautifully lit estate. What a magical place!

Warm welcome

As we entered, I was expecting some really fancy restaurant with penguin-dressed waiters. None of that. The tasteful design and warm welcome by the friendly staff immediately made us feel at ease. Chéri and I didn’t have anything special to celebrate. Nonetheless, we increased the festive vibe of the evening with a gin-champagne cocktail. The set menu offered two choices for each course. Chéri chose the breaded salmon gravlax to begin with. I went for a delicious celery and potato risotto with a soft boiled egg. Spot on!

Château Saint Pierre de Serjac

Excellent dishes

We continued our dinner with another excellent dish. Free range chicken served with braised chicories and fried crosnes for Chéri. I had to look up “crosnes” in a dictionary, as I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. It translates into “knotroot” or “Chinese artichokes”. Which neither Chéri or I had ever tasted before. Still don’t know what it is, but it was very good. I had the cassolette of scallops with shrimp broth, mushrooms and fennel. We both savoured our meals with great relish.

Château Saint Pierre de Serjac

Gorgeous dessert

The dessert was the same for both of us: a chocolate and orange medly. All flavours and textures of this gorgeous dessert married very well together. We had a lovely night out at le Chȃteau Saint Pierre de Serjac. I cannot wait to go back in spring to sit on the beautiful terrace overlooking the vineyards. A perfect addition to my hidden gem list!

Château Saint Pierre de Serjac
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