Restaurant Ciel de Nîmes serves great food up in the air

Ciel de Nîmes

As a tourist in my own country, I always love to visit the historical city of Nîmes. As I am somewhat picky (very picky Chéri would say…) when it comes to restaurants, I did some research before we went. And I came across the interesting looking restaurant Ciel de Nîmes, which is on the third floor of the Musée d’Art Contemporain. Definitely a selling point if you’re looking for good food combined with a fantastic view!


The view from the top of the famous La Maison Carrée is unbeatable. And I am happy to inform you that, at Ciel de Nîmes, the food is delicious too. I thought it might be a tourist trap, but not at all. The elegant and contemporary restaurant serves freshly made food using the best local produce and ingredients that the area is known for. During the week, they offer a very decently priced menu called “Formules du Jour”. Chéri felt like having oysters, so he ordered the “Menu à la carte”, where he could choose what he wanted. I had the three-course formula menu, with a fresh goat’s cheese chestnut cream wrapped in green and yellow zucchini as the starter of the day.

Ciel de Nîmes


We had a front row seat for the view, and I couldn’t stop saying how exceptional it was. As it was scorching hot outside and our reserved table was on the terrace, I was afraid we would melt away. Luckily, the terrace was covered by sun protection blinds, and the patio misters spritzed us with some refreshment now and then! To continue our lunch, Chéri had a beautiful tuna steak and my main of the day was a delicious dorado fillet.

Ciel de Nîmes

Chocolate mousse

For dessert, we could both choose à la carte, and we both went for “La Mousse au Chocolat Noir, Caramel Beurre Salé, Chantilly au Café Fort et Biscuit Breton”. Quite a mouthful… so I was expecting a big dessert! However, the chocolate mousse, salted caramel, strong coffee-flavoured whipped cream and Breton cookie came in a rather small glass. No disappointment though, as the flavours were spot-on. We didn’t have time to visit the contemporary art museum, which looked very interesting – and cool! – so we’ll be back soon.

Ciel de Nîmes
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