Comme un Dimanche sous le Figuier knows how to grill it

restaurant Comme un Dimanche sous le Figuier Montpellier

Expectations are always high when a restaurant has been recommended by several different people. It’s been a while since I first heard of the restaurant ‘Comme un Dimanche sous le Figuier’ in Montpellier. But, as I don’t live around the corner, I needed a good excuse to go. I noticed that Chéri was in desperate need of new clothes (well, maybe I would have a look too), so I lured him into going to Montpellier by promising him a barbecue lunch.


I was curious to see if Comme un Dimanche sous le Figuier would live up to my now very high expectations. Undeniably, with a name this poetic- it translates to “Like a Sunday under the Fig Tree”- it could hardly go wrong. Chéri followed his nose to find the restaurant-slash-wine bar, as we could smell the heavenly barbecue from streets away. Once inside, I didn’t ever want to leave again. What an incredible place, with its happy, colourful interior full of all kinds of little in-jokes. Where else can you eat at a pinball table?!

restaurant Montpellier


The restaurant itself is quite small, but they also have a lovely terrace so you can sit outside. We wanted to try a bit of everything, so we chose the “Formule Grignotages” (“Nibbling Menu”). With this option, you can choose either three (16 euros) or four (20 euros) dishes from the menu. As we both wanted to have a dessert (which counts as a dish), Chéri ordered three mains (tataki of barbecued tuna, steak from Galice and chips) and I chose two (mussels from the barbecue- Brasucade- and grilled zucchini with tapenade). It was delicious. The grill added a nice, smokey flavour to everything and I had never tasted zucchini cooked this way. So simple but so good, I am definitely going to have to try this at home.

restaurant Comme un Dimanche sous le Figuier Montpellier


Comme un Dimanche sous un Figuier takes its grilling seriously, with a top-notch barbecue oven, made by hand in Spain. Plus, they only use natural wooden charcoal from Argentina, called “Quebracho”. I don’t think the desserts were cooked on the barbecue… nonetheless, the cakes we had were divine. Because I had already picked the Banoffee cake with a speculoos crust, Chéri went for the key lemon pie. With very happy bellies we continued our stroll through Montpellier. And I can only but agree to recommend this restaurant!

restaurant Comme un Dimanche sous le Figuier Montpellier
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