Tried, tested and approved: Effet Mer in La Grande Motte

Effet Mer La Grande Motte

During the summer, what better place to have lunch or dinner than with your feet almost in the Mediterranean Sea?! Now, Chéri and I are not really hip and happening, so a trendy venue is not really our cup of tea. But when we entered the beach restaurant Effet Mer in La Grande Motte, we were pleasantly surprised and felt right at ease!

Effet Mer

We wanted to have lunch in high summer, and I forgot to make a reservation. As we had arrived early, we were lucky enough to get a table. But if you want to be sure, it’s wise to make a reservation. Effet Mer has a great vibe with Balinese inspired decor. Natural wood and old shutters have been used as decoration, giving it a colourful and stylish atmosphere. You can also rent a very comfortable looking beach bed, have to save that for the next time…

Effet Mer La Grande Motte

Freshly made

Effet Mer’s lunch menu offers a choice between freshly made salads, grilled fish or prawns, tartare and burgers and some meat dishes like ribs and chicken. As we were feeling healthy, Chéri got the grilled “loup” (think it’s a sea bass) and I opted for the vegetarian falafel salad with grilled eggplant and hummus. Service was fast and came with a smile and a joke. Plus they speak English and are nice to kids! What more can you ask for :).

Effet Mer La Grande Motte

Holiday feeling

As Effet Mer doesn’t serve starters during lunch, we had some room left over for a dessert. A very healthy conclusion to our meal… I couldn’t resist the revisited lemon pie, served in a jar. And Chéri went for a delicious chocolate cake. Overlooking “le grand bleu”, we felt like we were on holiday, only a short drive from home!

Effet Mer La Grande Motte
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