A perfect late-summer night at Fleurs d’Olargues

Fleurs d'Olargues

The best spot to admire Olargues– one of the most beautiful villages in France- is from the terrace of the restaurant Fleurs d’Olargues. And while indulging in the magical view, you’ll be surprised by the fine cuisine. Chef Kasper Bergh brings in his Danish roots, and his wife Fe from the Philipines adds a hint of Asian touches. The proposed food is made with both ancestral and modern techniques, and the enjoyment shines through every plate served.

Family tradition

Years ago, my family and I had a wonderful lunch at Fleurs d’Olargues. And ever since, I have wanted to go back. Not only because of the picture-perfect vista, but most of all because of the fantastic food. Joan and Anders Abrahamsson settled in Olargues in 2002 and worked hard to transform a garage into a beautiful restaurant. In 2019, one of their sons- Kasper- took over the chef’s hat to run the restaurant with his wife, Fe. They continued the family tradition of cooking with high-quality local or even homegrown ingredients.

Fleurs d'Olargues

Romantic setting

If you want to sit front-row on the terrace, I’d suggest making a reservation well beforehand. Fleurs d’Olargues is a renowned eatery in the area, despite its remote location. I reserved quite late, however Chéri and I could still sit outside in a romantic setting. The tasteful decoration blends in perfectly with the surroundings. Green and white checkered tablecloths cover tables fringed by abundant greeneries and shimmering light bulbs. And when the weather gets colder, you can sit in the equally elegant dining room. Chéri and I felt very welcome by the familiar staff. And the menu (47 euros for starter-main-dessert) offered interesting options with a dash of Nordic flavours.

Fleurs d'Olargues


Our evening started with the well-known Danish classic smørrebrød for Chéri. The home-smoked mackerel was served on a homemade slice of rye bread and was a pure delight. So was my deconstructed gazpacho with dots of goat’s cheese cream and eggplant caviar. The main course that followed included lamb tournedos with a Languedoc gravy infused with lavender for Chéri. And I had a light cod filet on a bed of crisp garden greens and variations on celery. While the swallows followed the call of the night, Chéri and I lit the nice, cosy light on our table. The last course was the crown on a flawless evening for both of us. Chéri enjoyed another Danish classic: rødgrød med fløde, or a strawberry and rhubarb compote with an oat crumble topping. And I was enchanted by a delicate apricot piece of art. Now I want to go back again!

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