La Fabrique in Le Grau-du-Roi is an unexpected treasure

La Fabrique Le Grau-du-Roi

Although there are better beaches in the South of France than the Plage Rive Gauche in Le Grau-du-Roi, there is a good reason to go. Hidden on a corner of the boulevard among fast food restaurants, you will find the teeny tiny restaurant La Fabrique. But don’t let the size nor the location fool you, as this is a genuine pearl of a find! And the flavours coming from the kitchen are great and original.

Sea breeze

This time, it was Oldest who accompanied me on the quest to find the best beach restaurant. La Fabrique isn’t exactly on the beach, but it has the view, and you only need to cross the street and you’re there. As Oldest dislikes blowing sand, he was happy. There isn’t a terrace, however- here again- we were happy as we sat front row with the windows wide open. The sea breeze was strong the day we went, and it sure felt like we were sitting outside.

La Fabrique Le Grau-du-Roi

French and Oriental

Two passionate women opened the doors of La Fabrique six years ago. Chef Stéphanie Niang and host Aline Rigual set up an inviting place with a cheery décor- I love the petrol blue used on the walls and the bar! The menu changes monthly and serves a mix of French and Oriental flavours. Oldest and I were lucky to be there for a month with a more exotic-oriented choice, which we both love. There were three options for starters and main courses and four dessert alternatives. I also liked the child menu with a choice of a- classic but homemade and not frozen- Black Angus burger. Or the more adventurous kids can eat like the parents but in smaller portions. Clever!

La Fabrique Le Grau-du-Roi

Sight and taste to behold

Oldest and I almost tried the whole menu. We started with a Vietnamese Bao Bahn bun on an Asian-flavoured salad for Oldest. I had a beautiful open ravioli on a peas-coconut emulsion and a parmesan mousse. Our mains consisted of duck (Oldest) and a fillet of sea bass (me). Both plates included a nice selection of fresh vegetables, grilled for Oldest and stir-fried for me, with delicious sauces to complete the whole. Even the desserts were a sight and a taste to behold. Oldest went for the chocolate/carambar tart, and I had a skinned peach marinated in red wine served on a cookie. After this surprising lunch, we understood that Stéphanie takes great care in preparing and presenting the food. It was a joy for the eyes and taste buds in one! And beach-wise, you can go to the nearby pure and unspoilt Plage de l’Espiguette.

La Fabrique Le Grau-du-Roi
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