Authentic flavours at La Gargote des Halles in Béziers

La Gargote des Halles Béziers

Lately, Chéri thinks my choice of restaurants has been slightly going over our budget. Therefore, I made a reservation for a sweet and cheap eatery in Béziers. And what better place to feel the hustle and buzz of a French town than to go to its covered market? La Gargote des Halles is exactly the place for this and a big-time local favourite that serves simple food of high quality. Think grilled meat, homemade fries and fresh salad. We’re a fan!

Prepared on the spot

As La Gargote des Halles is open from 07h00 to 16h00 and highly popular among ‘les Biterrois’, I suggest you make a reservation before you go. Or you can drop by before you do your shopping at Les Halles. Speaking of which, you can buy your meat or fish at the market and then have it prepared on the spot by Chef Sébastien. He will cook, grill, or roast it upon request and serve it with his famous fries and green salad.


Great vibes

The waiters always seem to be in a good mood at La Gargote des Halles, which adds to the great vibe. However, enough hustling and bustling is going on anyway to keep you entertained, especially on market days. As our kids unexpectedly had a day off, we brought them with us. Before we ordered, the waitress kindly brought a charcuterie board on the house to go with our drinks. The cold cuts served as our starter, and we finished them in a blink of an eye.

La Gargote des Halles Béziers


Unfortunately, we were too late for the market, so we made our choice from the blackboard. The boys chose the half chicken, which was roasted to perfection and left them speechless while they enjoyed. Our girl went for the steak, rare, of course, as every French kid would order. As I had been for a run in the morning, I ordered the simple eggs and bacon for some protein. It all came with a big bowl of moreish fries and a simple salad. Chéri had a generous café gourmand for dessert, serving all kinds of little bites, while the kids had a waffle. I had set my eye on Chef Sébastien’s renowned lemon meringue pie. But it was already gone… Instead, I had the chocolate mousse made with a siphon, which was a delight too. Bringing Chéri to La Gargote was a mistake though, as now he only wants to go back…

La Gargote des Halles Béziers
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