Bistronomy at La Maison de Petit Pierre in Béziers

La Maison de Petit Pierre

We have had dinner numerous times at the original restaurant La Maison de Petit Pierre in Béziers. Today Chéri and I treated ourselves to a wonderful bistronomique lunch. Le Petit Pierre is run by chef Pierre Augé, winner of the French edition of Top Chef in 2014. Named after his father, he quickly became known as “Petit Pierre” to avoid confusion. Hence the name of the restaurant: La Maison de Petit Pierre.

Set menu

Chéri and I enjoyed our lunch inside and felt very welcome in the modern, light, well-styled interior. La Maison de Petit Pierre works with set menus. You can choose if you want to have a starter, main and/or dessert. We wanted it all. The restaurant is not only known for its great food; it is also known for its beautiful presentation. As a starter we had a quinoa salad with basil pesto, zucchini and a fresh goat’s cheese mousse. Presented in a round glass, it almost looked like a fairy tale still life. So pretty!

La Maison de Petit Pierre


The main course came in a beautifully designed bowl. Chéri savoured ham, served with granny-style cooked lentils. I really loved my dish: a filet of Lieu Noir, together with some deliciously flavoured risotto made with potatoes and a green sauce with a hint of lemon. The 25 euro menu also includes a glass of wine; we had a beautiful wine from Maraussan that paired perfectly.

La Maison de Petit Pierre

Piece of art

The dessert was another piece of art. Almost a pity to eat it! But it looked so tempting, that soon enough we dug into our vanilla orange cream, topped off with mango coulis and crunchy streusel bits. With a golden spoon! Now I don’t normally eat my dessert with a golden spoon, so this was completely spot on. We’ll be back. Soon. Evening or noon.

La Maison de Petit Pierre
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