La Pacheyrasso in La Palme makes you want to go back

La Pacheyrasso

When various sources recommend a restaurant, I cannot control my curiosity and have to try it. La Pacheyrasso lies somewhere between a restaurant and a paillote (French beach restaurant) and is hidden in a remote spot near the salt marshes outside of La Palme. It’s where locals come together with kitesurfers and holidayers to enjoy a feast. Both on their plates and for their ears, as they also hold many concerts here.


After a lazy day at the beach and a short walk along the salt marshes, Chéri and I treated the kids to a meal at La Pacheyrasso. It was late April, just after their opening for the new season, and the holiday peak hadn’t started yet. But I still was glad to have made a reservation, as many of the tables inside were occupied. The exterior had a laid-back ambience with bulb lights and long wooden tables where summer nights must continue endlessly. The interior, on the other hand, had this no-nonsense vibe with a touch of rock-and-roll. Even though we were outsiders, we were treated like locals. Or maybe that’s what we thought, because I feel ‘Les Palmistes’ don’t order a three-course meal as we did.

La Pacheyrasso


The portions at La Pacheyrasso were, in fact, so generous that even our kids couldn’t finish it all. A classic case of our eyes being bigger than our bellies I guess… The menu on the blackboard had enough yumminess for all. We started with a plate full of grilled mussels with aïoli and a giant Caesar salad that could easily be a main course. The kids helped me with it though, and snatched the three fried chicken bits before I could blink an eye. Chéri and the kids aren’t very adventurous when they see an entrecote and hamburgers on the menu. All other options fade away and they must order it. However, La Pacheyrasso knows how to grill their meat, so Chéri and the children were pleased.

La Pacheyrasso


But lucky for me, La Pacheyrasso also had some more imaginative options that I was excited to try. My cuttlefish with chorizo in a piquillos sauce was delicious. Even Chéri had to admit that next time he might try something new after tasting a few bites. Although our belts felt tighter, we did order five desserts. Stubborn as we are, we thought we could handle it. But when the colossal profiteroles (cream puffs filled with ice cream and covered with a hot chocolate sauce) and dame blanche came, we all went a bit silent… I was glad to have ordered the ‘tiramisel’ instead. This medium-sized tiramisu has a La Palme twist with salted caramel made of salt from the salt marshes. La Pacheyrasso is the kind of place that has a faithful fanbase, and after our visit, we can understand why!

La Pacheyrasso
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