La Paillote Bambou: a gastronomic oasis

La Paillote Bambou

The Languedoc Roussillon coastline stretches over about 200 kilometres along the Mediterranean Sea. Plenty of space for some great beach restaurants! I am happy to share another fabulous find: the beach, restaurant and cocktail bar of La Paillote Bambou in La Grande Motte, only 22 kilometres from the Place de la Comédie in Montpellier!


La Paillote Bambou is a hip and happening beach restaurant for the Montpelliérain in-crowd. No worries if you’re not in that crowd though, as even I felt very welcome, and I brought my family with me :). As you would expect from the name of the restaurant, the place oozes class. Pure materials like- what else- bamboo, woven straw, wood and even cactus leaves, combined with a rustic colour palette, definitely do the trick. Together with a chilled-out view over the big blue sea and a freshly shaken cocktail in our hands, well, life couldn’t get much better.

La Paillote Bambou


As it’s on the beach, you won’t be surprised to hear that La Paillote Bambou’s speciality is local seafood. Which showed in our starters (a carpaccio of fresh, tender scallops for 15 euros) and main courses (an amazingly baked wolf fish served with a classic tabouli for 28 euros). Even the children went for fish in their kid’s menu-10 euros, including a drink and dessert: grilled vegetables with a filet of fish. Yay! No to chips! Although they do serve them as well. Homemade that is.

La Paillote Bambou


As I was preoccupied with the arrival of the desserts, I completely forgot to take a picture. But I can tell you that both Chéri and I approved of the velvety raspberry tiramisu. The kids were silent too, with eyes only for their scoop of ice cream. I don’t mind going back to take a picture of the desserts though, just for you. In fact, I have already planned my next visit. Cocktail bar side this time, so that I can try their tapas. Or their platters to share. Or their big salads. Maybe I should plan a whole day at their private beach as well…

La Paillote Bambou
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