La Parenthèse in Sète is a relaxed surprise

La Parenthèse

On one of those many free days in May, Chéri and I wanted to plan a day trip the whole family would enjoy. So, we decided to hop on our bikes and follow the Canal du Midi from Béziers to Sète. After a 50 km bike ride, we had definitely earned some good food. Just as we finished the 16 km strip along the Étang de Thau, we accidentally stumbled across beach restaurant La Parenthèse. And it was exactly what we needed! Big plates of comfort food served with a smile and a view of the Med. And no pumping beats, just the sound of rolling waves and cheerful babbling.

Sea breeze

La Parenthèse is the second-to-last beach restaurant as you come from Sète toward Marseillan Plage. But when cycling along this long strip- called the Lido du Thau- coming from Béziers, it is almost the first paillote you see. I felt smug as we spontaneously found this restaurant without spending hours looking for the best place to eat (me…). It ticked all the boxes! La Parenthèse has all the ingredients you need so you can spend a lovely time at the beach. You can come for a meal or a drink or extend your stay by renting a sunbed for 15 euros per day. The Mediterranean sea breeze kisses the interior decorated with scaffolding and driftwood elements, also used for the exterior furniture. Cane hanging lamps complete the nifty vibes.

La Parenthèse

Pump track

Ravenous after all the biking, the family only had eyes for the menu though. The waiter presented the blackboard with delicious options for everyone, from seafood to salads and burgers to vegetarian plates. While Chéri and I waited for a starter to share- a ‘fisherman’s plate’ (16 euros)- the kids went off biking on the pump track across from the restaurant. I don’t know where they found the energy… With everybody back at the table, the kids all wanted to have a burger (22 euros). Chéri had also made his choice already when I saw an interesting-looking dish passing by. It was the chicken (poulet) Parenthèse (25 euros), and I thought it might appeal to my fellow table companions. Oldest and Youngest were skeptical, but Middlest and Chéri wanted to have a try.

La Parenthèse

Chicken Parenthèse

And as soon as the dishes had reached our table, Oldest and Youngest wanted to change meals. Not with my vegetarian one (19 euros), of course. I didn’t mind though, as I had no trouble finishing the varied bites by myself. It was the chicken Parenthèse that made Oldest and Youngest’s mouths water. The big chunks of bacon and pesto-stuffed chicken looked very tempting indeed! In the end, it was too much for Middlest to finish, so we all had a bite. With little room left, only Chéri, Oldest and I ordered desserts. Chéri had a deconstructed lemon pie (9 euros), Oldest a perfect runny chocolate cake (9 euros), and I a generous café gourmand (10 euros). After this wonderful meal, we had all regained enough energy to complete the last kilometres to our final destination Sète.

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