Dining on a boat at La Péniche in Sète

La Péniche Sète

Enjoying Sète from the water is the best way to immerse yourself fully in the so-called ‘Venice of the Languedoc’. And combining it with good food is even better! Booking a table on the deck of La Péniche brings together all the good things this maritime town has to offer. With a glass of white wine in your hands and a plate of juicy oysters in front of you, life seems so easy. The majestic view of the bobbing sailing boats on the bright blue water adds to the instant holiday feeling. Even during working hours…

Marine chic

Restaurant La Péniche- a barge in English- goes way back. They started on the same boat in 1979 as a roadside restaurant conveniently located near the Pont de Tivoli. How they have changed since! You enter the boat by the gangplank, revealing a classy dining room with marine chic details. Think of a beautiful dark wooden floor and wooden tables inlaid with slate and robust forged nails on the side. If you can, try to book a table on the deck with its rattan chairs and comfortable benches with white seat cushions and the best view. Everything breathes nautical life, both inside and outside.

La Péniche Sète


In 2020, mother and daughter Stéphanie and Marion took over the wheel, or helm if you wish, of the family-run restaurant. The food is homemade and follows Mediterranean cuisine. This means seafood and shellfish only; I didn’t spot meat or vegetarian options on the menu. Chéri and I both love anything from the sea, so we greedily made our choice from the three-course set menu (38 euros). There were plenty of options per course. During the week, you can also order the dish of the day (plat du jour) for lunch (15 euros).

La Péniche Sète

Mediterranean food

The starters were simple but perfect: half a dozen oysters for Chéri and a generous portion of home-smoked salmon for me. The mains were more elaborate plated dishes. Chéri chose a moreish Mediterranean brandade (mashed potatoes mixed with salt cod) with a cod filet on the side. I also went for fish and got a monkfish and salmon skewer with a selection of mashes and vegetables. To dip in the accompanying heavenly aioli. I decided to go easy on the dessert and was very happy with my panna cotta with red fruits. Especially when Chéri’s massive ‘feuillantine’ arrived: a delicious puff pastry layered construction with apples and salted butter caramel. It wasn’t easy to go back to work after this relaxing getaway…

Restaurant Sète
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