Panoramic fine dining at Restaurant La Table du Bel Angle

La Table du Bel Angle

Two years ago, Stéphanie, Benjamin, and their children changed their Bordeaux life for a new adventure in the Pyrenees, where Benjamin grew up. In Les Angles, they wanted to establish a new life in the historic Hotel Le Bel Angle. And they started by shaking up the restaurant La Table du Bel Angle. A complete interior design makeover now frames the magnificent view of the Capcir Valley, with the Matemale Lake on the right and charming Les Angles village on the left. They’ve topped this off with local, slow-cooked food. You’re in for a treat!

Bel Angle

This time, Middlest joined me for dinner during our little ski weekend at Les Angles. We only stayed one night at the Hotel Bel Angle, so I booked a table at their restaurant, La Table du Bel Angle. But you don’t have to stay a night to eat at the restaurant, it’s open to everyone. As night had already fallen, we couldn’t enjoy the view too much. However, the dining room had a friendly vibe in a warm colour palette with a subtle use of wintry decorations. Objects like a cut-out snowflake light and a wooden deer replaced the standard skis or cowbells on the wall.

La Table du Bel Angle

Fresh look

The food has also had a makeover. The menu still offers typical mountain dishes such as tartiflette and raclette. But it’s not only cheese that comes out of young chef Gérard Desmullier’s kitchen. When Stéphanie and Benjamin asked him to be La Table du Bel Angle’s chef, Gérard was pleased to return to his roots after travelling around. And he brought a fresh eye to the menu. Every course has four to five options, plus three hearty mountain dishes. Our dinner started with a generous appetizer, which you will see in the picture below, as I forgot to take one of the starters. My soft-boiled egg with a green anis espuma looked a lot like the amuse bouche, while Middlest enjoyed a savoury île flottante on a creamy cep mushroom soup.

Restaurant Les Angles


Son-dear chose a rather safe main course, although his veal filet was presented as a true piece of art. I couldn’t resist the camembert baked in the oven, accompanied with thinly sliced charcuterie and a salad. Of course, there was room for dessert. Middlest went for the chocolate-orientated one, and I enjoyed a light mandarin gratin with a white Banyuls sabayon. By this time, Middlest had made friends with one of the two ‘Patous’ (dog from the Pyrenees). Either Olaf or Sya, one of the big friendly hotel dogs, stretched out at his feet waiting for a crumb to fall. Sorry Patous, we ate every last bit of our delicious meal!

La Table du Bel Angle
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