Fairytale dining at Le Clos de Maussanne in Béziers

Clos de Maussanne Béziers

In winter, it can be quite a challenge to find a good restaurant in Languedoc. Many restaurants close their doors for a couple of weeks or even months. That’s why I am so happy to add Le Clos de Maussanne to my list of hidden gems. This 18th-century ancient monastery is a wonderful place to dine, both in summer and winter.

Le Clos de Maussanne

Talking about hidden gems, Le Clos de Maussanne is situated right on the outskirts of Béziers. When taking the old route to Pézenas (the N9 that is, not the A9 or A75!), you have to look very carefully not to miss the sign of the restaurant. But once safely arrived, I am always struck by the beauty of this former convent. To me, the beautifully lit domaine looks like a fairytale with a million stars shining above it. Visiting for dinner on a quiet Friday night, we were seated in the front room of the convent. Very cosy and warm, it felt like we had been invited for a meal with friends.

Clos de Maussanne Béziers

Chef’s suggestion

Le Clos de Maussanne works with daily set menus. Chéri and I went for the 29 euro one, including starter, main and dessert. Some dishes do have an extra charge though. The evening started well, with an aperitif and an amuse gueule on the house. As a starter, we choose the chef’s suggestion: rillettes of tuna and salmon on a bed of salad. Perfectly seasoned, this was a simple but very tasty delight. As we are eating less and less meat at home, Chéri normally goes for the steak when eating out. As he did this time, and it was a good steak. It just didn’t photograph well… After all the December festivities, I decided to take a light main course of “papillote de cabillaud” (cod cooked in parchment paper) accompanied with all kinds of veggies. Delicious!

Clos de Maussanne Béziers

Surprising combination

Time for dessert: the same choice for both of us. Not very original, but hey, we couldn’t resist the chocolate fondant. Although it was a bit surprising, as the fondant was served with a coulis of kiwi. Chocolate and kiwi, a combination I hadn’t tried before. Luckily, it tasted wonderful! So here it is, the address of a restaurant open during the winter season. Of course, it is also very much worth going in any other season. You can check the pictures on their website to tempt you.

Clos de Maussanne Béziers
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