Romantic dining at restaurant Le Patio in Béziers

Le Patio Béziers

Sometimes I discover a place that has been around for a long time, like restaurant Le Patio. This little piece of paradise is tucked away in the middle of the historic town centre of Béziers since 2000. And the restaurant lives up to its name, as you can enjoy dinner in a most charming courtyard. I bet it has been the setting of many marriage proposals…


One of our guests in our gîte mentioned that they had a fabulous dinner at Le Patio in Béziers. Somewhat ashamed, I had to admit that Chéri and I hadn’t been in the nine years of living in the area… So finally, after so many years, Chéri and I made a reservation and went for a surprise. It was too chilly to eat outside in the courtyard, but it was beautifully lit with twinkling lights. Crossing the patio with its evergreen olive tree made me long for the summer. However, once inside, the interior embraced us with a modern yet cosy decor in warm terracotta shades. We were in for a good night out!

Le Patio Béziers

Maître Restaurateur

Le Patio proudly bears the title of ‘Maître Restaurateur’, meaning that all of their food is home-cooked using fresh ingredients. This shines through in the Mediterranean inspired menu that follows the seasons. Every course has a set price, and there are four to five options. Or you can opt for the set menus, starting at 24 euros and going up to 31 euros if you want three courses.

restaurant Béziers


Chéri and I chose ‘L’Estomac dans les Talons’ (meaning’ hungry as a dog’) menu, including starter, main and dessert. Our dinner began excellently. Chéri relished a beef tartar with artistically draped vegetable strings, and I savoured a creamy risotto-style brunoise of butternut squash and a soft-boiled egg with truffle. Our main courses were simple- a steak with a cheesy potato gratin for Chéri and a filet of bream for me- but the preparation was spot on. And the desserts topped off our perfect evening, with a café gourmand for Chéri and a brownie in a chocolate sauce for me. Back home, I quickly changed our gîte’s guest information pack and included Le Patio. Next time, I will be sure to mention this gem to our guests!

Le Patio Béziers
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