Le Patio d’Oc in Sérignan is a great discovery

Le Patio d'Oc Sérignan

Sérignan is a lovely village tucked away along the Mediterranean coastline. The family and I mostly go here for its beach at the Plage des Orpellières. However, the village itself is rather charming as well, including the contemporary art museum MRAC and the Cigalière theatre of performing arts. And the centre even has a lively promenade flanked by plane trees and restaurants. One of these restaurants is Le Patio d’Oc, which I highly recommend if you like home-cooked local food.


The other week, I was home alone with Oldest. While the other members of our family had a ball elsewhere, we decided to treat ourselves to a dinner outside. Oldest’s main criterium was that the restaurant shouldn’t be too far from home. And I didn’t want to go to a burger restaurant. So, I checked my wish list and decided to give Le Patio d’Oc in Sérignan a try. This way, we could combine it with a visit to the contemporary art museum and finally get to know Sérignan better.

Le Patio d'Oc Sérignan

La Promenade

Le Patio d’Oc has a comfortably shaded terrace along the Allées de la République, better known as ‘La Promenade’. Although Oldest and I were there on a weekday, the tables around us soon filled up with locals and vacationers. We started our meal in style with an apéro: a homemade lemonade for Oldest and the French Spritz called ‘Pardi’ for me. I loved my summery drink, a sublime marriage between Maison Antech’s blanquette de Limoux and Maison Kina Karo’s natural liqueur.

Le Patio d'Oc Sérignan

Good bet

After one glance at the menu, Oldest knew what he wanted: the juicy entrecote rustically served on a wooden board (25 euros). I tried to persuade him to share the fish platter ‘Parillada de Patio’ (34 euros), without luck. Therefore, I hesitated between the à la carte menu- so I could try the tarte au citron meringuée- and the good value three-course menu (29 euros). The salad with goat’s cheese in a crispy jacket and the mussels stuffed the Sète way convinced me to go for the set menu. Both dishes were a good bet, and I was very pleased with my choice. Even the dessert of the day- grilled peach with vanilla ice cream- could compete with the tarte au citron. In the meantime, Oldest dug into his giant bowl of chocolate Liégeois ice cream while the night slowly settled over Sérignan’s promenade.

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