Le VB at La Franqui serves bistronomique food at the beach


Tucked away on the peninsula between the Étang de la Palme and Plage Les Coussoules at La Franqui lies restaurant Le VB. VB stands for ‘Viglamo Beach’ and is the beach club of the Domaine Presqu’île de la Franqui where you can camp in style. However, the restaurant also welcomes day-visitors. So, occasionally, I love to go there for an instant holiday feeling.

Beach vibes

All the good places require a bit of effort to find. This especially applies to secluded places like restaurant Le VB. But- in my opinion- that’s part of the fun. To reach Le VB, you have to go where most tourists don’t. Just when you think you have missed the restaurant, you will see a parking lot to your right. Although Le VB is a Beach Club, the beach is wide, and it is a ten-minute walk to the Med. Still, the restaurant breathes beach vibes. Next door, you can even rent karts for a bit of land sailing.

Domaine Presqu'île de la Franqui

Bohemian mishmash

Every time I walk the boardwalk of this bistronomique beach restaurant, I’m transported to some distant destination. The pine tree-shaded terrace is a bohemian mishmash of tables and chairs in natural colours, combined with driftwood objects. Here you can have tapas and cocktails with your feet in the soft sand. The more sophisticated restaurant part also looks very natural with its use of wood. The menu consists of more elaborate dishes, celebrating Mediterranean flavours. All food is 100% homemade, using fresh and local products. And I have to mention the staff, as they are very welcoming and genuinely friendly.


High expectations

The last time I was here with the twins. They are big burger fans, so that’s what they had for lunch. And the big, fat burger with homemade fries and BBQ sauce lived up to their high expectations. I went for three courses, starting with a delicious multicoloured tomatoes tartare and a truffle burrata. When in summer, I prefer eating lighter dishes. So, the bright poké bowl with cubes of fresh salmon, cucumber, mango, sweet potatoes, rice and a dash of pickled beetroot was simply spot on. As always, I thought I had left some space for dessert. However, the delightful pineapple and coconut panna cotta with a coulis of passion fruit was too much for the three of us to finish. Next time, we will give the tapas (and cocktails) a try!

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