A lively lunch at wine and tapas bar Le Vin te 2 in Limoux

Le Vin te 2 in Limoux

During our last family holiday in the Aude department, I wanted to do a few tastings of the local sparkling wine called Blanquette. As it is made in Limoux and the surrounding areas, and because our brood needed food, we looked for a stop in this lovely village. Our teenagers seem to be hungry all the time, therefore I chose an easy-going restaurant. Right in the centre, on the Place de la République, is the wine and tapas bar of Le Vin te 2, which made all of us happy!

Under the arcades

A couple of years ago, we had already visited Le Vin te 2 during the Limoux Carnival. At that time, long before the pandemic, I remember that we were lucky to have found a spot in this vibrant tapas bar. This time, I was more prepared and had even made a reservation. The interior of the tapas/wine bar is small and cosy, but you don’t go here to sit inside. The best spots are under the arcades surrounding the square and on the square itself. Yes, even in winter there are heaters to make sure you can comfortably sit outside.

Le Vin te 2 in Limoux

Pierre Jammes

Le Vin te 2 is run by local hero Pierre Jammes, a former rugbyman and wine maker. There’s a good chance you will see this bon vivant in action while he serves the freshly made tapas. After taking a glance at the tapas menu with a choice of around 20 bites between 6 to 20 euros, each of us picked one or two (me and Chéri). Soon enough, a big plate of deliciousness arrived at our table. There were accras de morue (cod fritters), curry flavoured vegetable samosas, crispy chicken strips, mussels in a fresh herb sauce, prawns, ham croquettes, and fries. Chéri and I had a beautiful rosé wine from the wide wine collection, but I don’t remember which one…

Le Vin te 2 in Limoux

Growling stomachs

As our eyes were bigger than our stomach, we ordered some more of the divine samosas and chicken strips. And they all went into the growling stomachs of our ever-hungry teens. They even left some space for dessert, and so did Chéri and I. So, our feast ended with two raspberry pies, two molten chocolate fondants and a lemon meringue pie. Completely satisfied, we continued my Blanquette quest. And, as Pierre Jammes knows a thing or two about wine, he gave me a few suggestions of wine estates to visit. Which ones they are, you will find out in another blog post.

Le Vin te 2 in Limoux
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