Restaurant Les Bons Amis in Béziers will make you come back


Picture this: a small square in the middle of a historic Southern French town with invitingly set tables under gently swaying leaves while the sound of tinkling glasses and friendly murmuring surrounds you. In Béziers, you can find this exact setting at the charming restaurant Les Bons Amis. You can come here to have a tasty burger or fish and chips. Or you can try one of the other lovingly prepared dishes on the menu or on the daily changing blackboard.

Good friends

The Place des Bons Amis- the Good Friends Square- is only a few steps from the Saint-Nazaire Cathedral in the heart of Béziers. Chéri and I have walked from the cathedral through the Rue Viennet many times. And I have taken loads of pictures of the Place des Bons Amis where a restaurant of the same name is housed. Standing in front of the restaurant, you will see one of Béziers’ trompe-l’oeils. It shows the native Béziers sculptor Jean-Antoine Injalbert and his friend, sculptor Jules Dalou. Another good reason to go to this square is to make a stop at the restaurant to appreciate a fine lunch or dinner.

Les Bons Amis Béziers


The alluring terrace of restaurant Les Bons Amis beautifully looks out on the cathedral. It is naturally marked off from the picturesque streets by abundantly flowering oleanders. So, location-wise, Les Bons Amis deserves a good ten out of ten. And food-wise you’re at the right place. Our kids love their burgers and fish and chips, but Chéri and I wanted to have a three-course dinner this time as it was just the two of us. The owners are passionate about their restaurant and serve their homemade dishes without any fuss. They are inviting, and it’s like dining with friends while having a simple but delicious meal.

Les Bons Amis Béziers


As a starter, Chéri had the soup of the day, which was a fresh cucumber soup with greek yoghurt (7 euros). I also chose something light with sliced raw fish marinated in a soy sauce (8 euros). As for the main course, Chéri- of course- went for the ‘piece du boucher’ à la plancha (13 euros). He ordered some fries (4 euros) and a salad (4 euros) to go with his steak. I stayed in the ‘fish theme’ and asked for the poisson du jour (13 euros): a coalfish and an accompaniment of seasonal vegetables (4 euros). Chéri had to wait a little for his dessert, a marron Suisse, or chestnut mousse, made on the spot. We didn’t mind, though, as the night fell, and the stars and the waning moon twinkled above us. And while enjoying our marron Suisse and chocolate cake we decided to come back soon again.

Les Bons Amis Béziers
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