A generous welcome at Maison Hermine in Sérignan

Maison Hermine

A couple of years ago, Laurence and Jean-Philippe started Maison Hermine and brought Laurence’s son, daughter and daughter-in-law on board. So, this restaurant can rightfully be called a family restaurant. And this family team makes you feel at home the minute you enter their cosy dining room. On the menu? Heartwarming dishes prepared with love and attention. And fair portions, it’s all about sharing good food and a good time with your loved ones.


Chéri and I cycle to Sérignan (home to the MRAC Contemporary Art Museum) now and then. And the last time we zipped by, I spotted an interesting-looking restaurant from the corner of my eye. After some research, I found out it had to be Maison Hermine, and it deserved a spot on my wishlist. Not for long though, as last weekend I made a reservation for a dinner for two. Maison Hermine is tucked away from the main square along the Allée de la République and housed in a former farmhouse. The flavour of the old days has been preserved with a mishmash of tables and chairs, art, and other regalia. But mind you, it’s a stylish mix that marries well together. I can imagine the giant modern fireplace must be extra mood-enhancing during the colder months!

Maison Hermine

At home

From 20h00, the doors open with the tables rustically set for the number of people coming. Chéri and I arrived at 20h00 precisely- Dutch as we are- and were welcomed by Ulysse- the son. We sat inside, but you can sit on the inviting terrace in summer. Looking at the elaborate beverage menu, we understood that Maison Hermine is not only about food. So, when Ulysse offered to mix a cocktail, we didn’t say no. While Jean-Philippe and Shelly- the daughter-in-law- prepared our order taken by Laurence, we sipped our flavourful aperitifs. When Laurence served our starters, a smoked cod carpaccio (12 euros) for Chéri and a giant burrata with salad and ‘chouchous’ (20 euros), she put them in the middle of the table. At Maison Hermine, you eat like you’re at home and dishes are to be shared.

Maison Hermine


The main courses were a bit harder to share, as Chéri kept his juicy steak and perfect fries (35 euros) to himself. He got a bite of my well-grilled octopus and smooth truffled mashed potatoes (28 euros), though. All desserts (9 euros) are made by Faustine- the daughter. Chéri had a simple but effective chocolate mousse (I got a bite). And I was delighted with my mini pavlova filled with lemon cream (I shared it too). The sound of the clinking drinks trolley announced the arrival of Ulysse, and a nightcap for Chéri (it was my turn to drive) concluded our meal. After this wonderful evening, Maison Hermine immediately moved from my wishlist to my favourites list!

Maison Hermine
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