Feel good vibes at Maya Club in Torreilles

Maya Club

Life can be so unfair, especially if you have to work while others are already enjoying their time off. Last week, while Chéri had to continue toiling away, lucky me took the twins on a little road trip. When we arrived at the paradisiacal Maya Club in Torreilles, it felt like we were in Bali or some other exotic place. Next time, I’m sure Chéri and Oldest will want to join us!

Magical setting

Arriving at Torreilles Plage, you’ll spot Maya Club from a distance. The cheerful mix of coloured shutters lures you to the restaurant. And then, following the boardwalk, you’ll walk into a magical setting. The view immediately transformed us and put us in a holiday mood. Think waving palms, fluttering parasols, aesthetic greens, and a tropical-inspired interior that brings the outdoors in. As the tables are set up in the front, the infinite deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea spreads before you. On top of this visual perfection, the homemade food is fabulous, and the staff are ultra-friendly as well.

beach restaurant

Good selection

The menu has a good selection of tapas, starters and main dishes. As I was with the kids, I didn’t bother looking at the cocktail menu. Instead, I ordered a glass of sparkling cava. The twins picked a few small dishes from the tapas menu. So, they shared the patatas bravas, croquettes with Iberian ham and seiches à la planxa (grilled cuttlefish). Just for fun, I added some clams as a starter. They are called ‘palourdes’ in French and look like the Italian ‘vongole’. The kids love them too, so we shared a rather big bowl!

Maya Club

Maya Club feast

My main course came at the same time as all the other little dishes. I went for the fish of the day at the suggestion of the waitress, which was a fresh sea bream, simply grilled to perfection. The side dish was a beautifully prepared eggplant that tasted so good it could have been a dish on its own. With its Mediterranean flavours, grilled vegetables, and a dot of fresh cream, it was a feast for the eyes and mouth. The twins chose a classic Dame Blanche for dessert, which was huge. And I couldn’t refuse the delicious tarte au citron. After this heavenly lunch, I rented some sun loungers so we could have a dip in the sea. It was such a perfect day, and Maya Club has such a feel-good vibe, you better run to save a table!

Maya Club
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