Nudisme Interdit in Cap d’Agde brings bistronomie to the beach

Cap d'Agde

My restaurant wish list has reached an impressive length since the last lockdown. So, I had quite a few eateries I could pick from when Chéri and I finally went to grab a bite last week. The choice had fallen on beach club ‘Nudisme Interdit’ in Cap d’Agde. There, with a view of the Med and a glass of chilled rosé in our hands, we regained a sense of liberty. And that was before we had anything to eat!

Funky blend

I couldn’t be more pleased to start the festive season at Nudisme Interdit. Open since the summer of 2020 with partly the same owners as Biquet Plage in Leucate, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a gastronomic feast. Refined and original cuisine is of paramount importance at this restaurant and every dish is prepared with fresh products and an eye for detail. Chéri and I were cheerfully welcomed in a decor that was a funky blend of seventies and new wave. However, the service was very up to date, and we could even check the menu on my phone via a QR code.

Nudisme Interdit

High quality

At Nudisme Interdit, they believe that you can indeed have a high-quality meal on the beach. The number of choices on their online menu is superb. You will find a weekly menu, elaborate salads, poké bowls, various tapas, seafood and even a separate choice between starters, mains and desserts. So, it took us a while to make up our minds. Eventually, Chéri went for the menu of the week (26 euros), and I picked separate dishes. It started well with beautiful conchiglie pasta filled with caponata and diced tuna for Chéri and gorgeous Japanese style ravioli (12 euros) for me. What a delight!

Nudisme Interdit

Full of flavour

We kept saying to each other how much we had missed going to a restaurant as the waitress came with the second course. Chéri’s main was a to perfection cooked fillet of cod in a pool of smoked potato cream and broad beans. I was desperate to try the poké bowl with marinated beef (16 euros), which was just as full of flavour as I imagined. Dessert wise, the prettiest revisited lemon pie ever went to Chéri, while I revelled in a new take on a snickers (8 euros). Unfortunately work beckoned, so we couldn’t spend the rest of the afternoon on one of the tempting sun beds… Nudisme Interdit definitely moved from my restaurant wish list to my favourite beach restaurant list!

Nudisme Interdit
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