A grand lunch at Ô Petits Bontemps in Béziers

Ô Petits Bontemps Béziers

Sometimes you find a hidden gem in an unexpected place. I mean, who would think of fine wining and dining next to Béziers library?! The building itself is quite nice, but the surroundings don’t really shout ‘go out and have a delightful dinner’. Until now! Chef Olivier Bontemps and his wife Emanuelle just started a new adventure by opening brasserie Ô Petits Bontemps.


I have passed the restaurant Ô Petits Bontemps many times on the way to the Médiathèque with our book-loving kids. And every time I thought that I should bring Chéri here one day when the children are at school. Just about the last day before the start of the summer holidays, we treated ourselves to a nice lunch. And nice it was!

Ô Petits Bontemps Béziers

A feast for your taste-buds

Ô Petits Bontemps offers a very decently priced menu; for 22 euros we went for the three-course version. The starter was a fresh tomato soup in gazpacho style with mango and ginger, delivering great flavour and beautifully presented. For the main course, we both had a piece of cod in a delicious sauce, combined with a sort of ragout of lentils. A hearty mix of Mediterranean flavours, a true feast for the taste-buds!

Ô Petits Bontemps Béziers

Holiday mood

No dinner without dessert for me… As it was lunchtime, I was very happy with their light ‘Fraîcheur d’Abricots’, with some hints of rosemary. It was a great treat to enjoy a lovely lunch in this beautifully designed restaurant with such great company. Sitting on the comfortable and airy terrace, we were already getting in the holiday mood!

Ô Petits Bontemps Béziers
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