Osakaya in Béziers is open for take-out

Osakaya Béziers

As there is still no sign of restaurants reopening in France, Chéri and I try to show our support by ordering takeaway meals now and then. Luckily, one of our favourite restaurants in Béziers offers fantastic food to take-out. The sushi and bento boxes by Japanese restaurant Osakaya are a pleasure to unwrap and devour. Perfect for a picnic on the beach!

Convenience is king

As the kids were back at school and the sun had finally come out, Chéri and I felt like having a little feast along the Med. Because we couldn’t heat a takeaway meal on the beach, I suggested getting some sushi at Osakaya. I ordered and prepaid via their website- convenience is king- which took me some time as there are so many choices. You can choose between several menus, bento boxes and even à la carte!

Osakaya Béziers


After a little stop at Osakaya to pick up our treat, we drove off to Valras-Plage. While I spread out our blanket and set up a makeshift table, Chéri unpacked our starter. Each menu comes with a miso soup and coleslaw. The soup had even been heated and was still kind of warm. For a bit of variety, I ordered two menus to share. The first one was a sushi menu, including three variations on California rolls, 18 in total (19,90 euros). Then I couldn’t resist the ‘bento of the week’, a weekly changing menu for 22 euros.

Osakaya Béziers

High standards

The bento box, also heated, had a nice selection of small dishes, such as a Japanese curry with chicken, a few slices of stuffed squid, and some more sushi. There even was a little dessert that we shared: a beautiful yuzu and saké rice pudding with a strawberry coulis. I think it is admirable to see- and taste- how chef Ping Zhang and his team have the same high standards for their takeaway menus as they do for their restaurant meals. Definitely one takeaway that’s worth repeating!

Osakaya Béziers
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