Cool vibes at Plage Bonaventure in Palavas-les-Flots

Plage Bonaventure

On Instagram I get my daily dose of inspirational places to go to. Cities, villages, exhibitions, hikes and of course restaurants. Beach restaurant Plage Bonaventure was on my wishlist, and last week I finally succeeded in luring Chéri into going with me. And it was paradise: great design, good food and the best view over the Mediterranean Sea!


The bohemian style beach restaurant immediately made us feel at home. It was too hot to order alcohol (it was really hot…); instead we had fresh, homemade citronnade to start with. Because of the temperature, we didn’t feel like having a complete meal, so we ordered some excellent oysters as a starter, together with some small bites. Although, I felt I should have ordered the pasta with langoustine when I saw our neighbour’s dish arriving… it looked amazingly good!

Plage Bonaventure

Complete meal

But yeah, the grass is always greener on the other side and in the end we were delighted with our lunch as well. The – what I thought would be – small bites were in fact a full plate of crispy fried “fritto misto d’encornets” (small squid) and a platter with “veggies à tartiner” (spreadable veggies). However, the veggie platter was like a meal in itself, with nachos, bread, hummus, salad and the veggie spreads. Yum!

Plage Bonaventure


No restaurant review is complete without dessert, so we forced ourselves to order one ;). We both ordered the “craquant aux deux chocolats”, and expected a ‘petit’ plate with some chocolate. Have to say that the giant profiterole style desserts that came to our table were a real treat. However, they almost made us sink when we were taking a swim in the bright blue sea…

restaurant Palavas
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