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Delphine Deplaix
© Delphine Esnault Deplaix

Every month, we introduce you to an interesting woman living in Languedoc. Curious as we are, we like to find out why she lives in this beautiful region, what she does for a living and some of her Languedoc favourites. This month we would like you to meet the creative Delphine Esnault Deplaix as Ramoneta of the Month. As a passionate kitesurfer, she creates new products from recycled kitesurf sails.


Hello, my name is Delphine, I am 40 years old and I am a designer of accessories, bags and jewelry made of reused kitesurfing sails. After having worked several years in trade in the Gers and Charente-Maritime departments, my husband and I decided to move to Zanzibar, Tanzania, while keeping a pied-a-terre in the Aude department. These two places weren’t unknown to us! On the contrary, these two famous kitesurfing spots have been our weekend break and holiday destinations before.

First time visiting the region

I had already fallen in love with the village of La Palme (1 & 2), during a weekend in our van in 2012. La Palme is a peaceful village, located between the sea and mountains. It’s famous for gliding sports (sport de glisse) because of the very regular gusts of wind. Kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts can satisfy their passion in complete safety on the Étang de La Palme lagoon. The heights of La Palme offer a magnificent view of the sea, the mountains, the vineyards and the salt marshes. Chances are high that you’ll come across many pink flamingos as they feed at the lagoon.

La Palme
© Delphine Esnault Deplaix (picture on the left)

Settling in Languedoc

For three years, my husband and I divided our time between the beaches of Tanzania and Aude. Then in 2016, I set up my business of upcycling kitesurfing sails. Therefore, we decided to settle in the beautiful village of La Palme in the South of France.


After repairing kitesurfing sails during my years in Zanzibar, I decided to launch myself into creating new products from used sails. First of all, I had to collect a maximum of sails from amateur and professional kitesurfers. After several trials, some failures and many successes, I decided in 2016 to create my brand and my company. KreaKite (3 & 4) was born! From then on, I could market my creations on the internet, at kitesurfing events and at craft markets. Especially in La Franqui, a beach at nearby Leucate which is known for the kiteboarding event ‘Mondial du Vent’ and for its sliding sports competitions. I also sell my products at Bonbon Chic et Déco Chouette in Sigean, a shop which brings together more than 18 local craft workers and artists.

© Delphine Esnault Deplaix

Living in the South of France

I love living in the South of France and especially in La Palme in the Aude department. The people here are very welcoming and lovely, and everyone says hello. The village is committed to its development and to the well-being of its inhabitants. I am fortunate to have a clear view of the lagoon and the sea from my studio. Therefore, I can create my products while watching the kitesurfers glide through the water. Besides designing for KreaKite, I also love taking a walk around La Palme or the surrounding area with my camera. Shooting everything that nature offers is a great joy and I like sharing these moments on my Facebook and Instagram.

Best Languedoc wine

Despite the omnipresence of local grape varieties, I am more of a beer than a wine lover. And we are lucky to have a fantastic brewery at La Palme: Brasserie 5Bis with its quality craft beers.

Favourite restaurant

My favourite restaurant around is La Pacheyrasso (5), which is located in the heart of La Palme’s salt marshes. It is an atypical and very lively place. The concerts, exhibitions, and local shop make it a unique place. The food is perfect for both meat and seafood lovers, and the desserts are simply divine. A special mention goes to the ‘tiramitsel’ and the profiteroles, a must-try if you have room left.

Perfect day out in Languedoc

As I usually start my days quite early, I love watching the sunrise. Then, I would do my little tour around the village with a stop at the bakery and the grocery store. A perfect day would include a walk with my camera to capture the flora and fauna (6) surrounding us.

Delphine Deplaix
© Delphine Esnault Deplaix (picture on the right)

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