Inspirational contemporary art museum in Sérignan

Contemporary Art Museum Sérignan

The MRAC, abbreviation for Musée Régional d’Art Contemporain, in Sérignan is renowned for its spot-on contemporary art collection. Not only in the South of France but also well outside its borders. Besides the vast collection, the museum yearly hosts various temporary exhibitions that reinforce its strong identity. Time to inhale some culture!


When entering the modern building, it is hard to believe that the museum is constructed in a former wine cellar. The MRAC originates from l’Espace d’Art Contemporain Gustave Fayet in the early 90s. Several renovations and extensions later, the museum grew from 200 square meters to its current 3,200. The bright and colourful windows- created by Dutch artist Daniel Buren– add to the contemporary look. Not only part of the architecture, the multicoloured glass is also a piece of art in its own right. Depending on the weather, reflections and playful light effects change the museum’s interior and exterior.

Contemporary Art Museum Sérignan


Daniel Buren also designed “La Cabane Éclatée aux Caissons Lumineux Colorés”, which is part of the permanent collection. This “Cabin of Colourful Light Boxes” is a wonderful piece of art which you can actually walk through and around. Besides Daniel Buren’s work, the MRAC has a vast collection of more than 550 pieces that regularly rotate by theme or poetic approach. These works- of which over 50% are donated- represent different subjects in the history of art from the 1960s to present day.

Contemporary Art Museum Sérignan


The MRAC’s temporary exhibitions are certainly worth keeping an eye on as well. They change regularly, so you will never get bored. At the moment, the museum has invited French artist Nathalie du Pasquier to show her work, and her ‘Campo di Marte’ exhibition is on till the end of September 2022. The artworks spread over several rooms and tell the story of Nathalie du Pasquier’s work through different periods of her life. An enriching and colourful set of installations that completely fit in with this contemporary museum. Don’t worry if you have missed it though, I’m sure the MRAC has planned many more interesting exhibitions in the near future.

Nathalie Du Pasquier
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