Let your inner creative out at Montpellier’s DIY fair Creativa

Creativa Montpellier

If you are into handicrafts and you like to make them yourself, DIY fair Creativa in Montpellier is the place to go! This fair lasts for no less than four days and will give you a lot of new inspiration and fresh ideas. Five disciplines are represented: hobby, DIY, textile, beauty and cooking. There is something for everyone to get those DIY fingers itching!


I thought I would be smart by visiting Creativa on the first day, not expecting a great deal of people. Wrong! This fair is apparently so popular that even on the opening day there are a lot of people looking around. I was a bit overwhelmed by the crowds and number of stands, so I decided to start exploring the stands first. There was a lot of exploring to do! I saw the most beautiful beads, tissues, buttons, DIY ideas, and scrapbook supplies, just to name a few.

Creativa Montpellier


Not only can you look at and buy handicraft supplies, but you can also attend workshops in any one of the disciplines. You can do so by signing up on Creativa’s website (click here). I was too late to sign up online, but you can also try your luck directly in the workshop area. From what I saw when I arrived in the early afternoon, there was still room in quite a few ateliers. However, I suppose it would be a lot more difficult to find a spot on the weekend…

Creativa Montpellier


Last year, strolling around brought me to the exposition of “Le Grand Show des Petites Choses” (the Big Show of Little Things) by Gilbert Legrand. This artist creates new life out of the little things that surround us. Everyday objects are turned into humorous, poetic characters. Talk about sustainability. I absolutely loved it!

Gilbert Legrand

Heaven on earth

There is such a large selection of things to do, see and buy, it’s like heaven on earth for the true DIYer. The theme for 2019 is “Jungle Attitude”, and with 120 exhibitors, over 200 workshops and demonstrations you won’t be bored. Last year I headed home with a bag full of inspiration. Enough to keep me going for quite some time!

Creativa Montpellier
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