Amazing graffiti festival during Expo de Ouf in Nîmes

Expo de Ouf Nîmes

When going to Nîmes, you will most probably stop by some of the ancient Roman monuments scattered across this ancient town. But there is more: time to visit urban Nîmes! Every fall, the graffiti festival Expo de Ouf turns the Gambetta and Richelieu quarters into a great open-air gallery. With fantastic outdoor art that is there to stay.


Recently, I have visited Nîmes quite a bit. However, I had only explored the historical city centre. As a curious person, I love to discover new places. So when I heard about a graffiti exposition in Nîmes, I had to find out more. As I didn’t have time to follow a guided tour, I printed my map from the informative Expo de Ouf website.

Expo de Ouf Nîmes


It all started in 2012 when Cédric Crouzy wanted to shake things up in Nîmes. He created the association “Bullshit”, a great name for an association located in the main bullfighting town of France. In its headquarters, Cédric invited a dozen local artists to create pieces for the association’s walls. Expo de Ouf was born, and as of 2014 the walls on the outside of the building are also used to expose artists’ work.

Expo de Ouf Nîmes


With help from the map, I discovered the neighbourhood. Old pieces mix perfectly with the newly added ones, and every corner might reveal a great work of art. Although street art has gone mainstream, here in Nîmes you can still admire graffiti in its true element. Next year I’ll be sure to book a tour, which I highly recommend if you want to learn more about the artists and different areas of Nîmes.

Expo de Ouf Nîmes
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