The dynamic Halles Laissac brighten up Montpellier

Halles Laissac

A city can never have enough covered markets for daily shopping and regional delicacies. That is why the recently opened Halles Laissac is a great asset to Montpellier. Situated on the Place Alexandre Laissac, this square has been a social and economic meeting point for centuries. And with the addition of the new food market, it will continue to be a bustling place.


Fine Arts student Mona Young-Eun Kim, together with artist and Fine Arts teacher Miles Hall, designed the Halles Laissac. Despite its modern design, the circular building of the market blends in perfectly with the surrounding historical facades. A colourful glass-domed roof playfully lights up the centre of the interior market. It represents all the sunny facets of a melon, a typical Southern French fruit.

Halles Laissac

Everything you need

With its 200 m2 space, the Halles Laissac covered market is not too big. However, it has everything you need for your everyday shopping. Of course, there is an excellent bakery and patissier (after all, we’re in France), as well as a fish and shellfish shop, several greengrocers and butchers, a cheesemongers and an olive and dried fruit stand. These daily groceries stalls are mainly inside, around the heart of the market. The centre is left open, with room for tables and chairs so you can have a break while enjoying your goodies on the spot.

Halles Laissac


The outer circle of the Halles Laissac is mostly made up of stands for caterers and small restaurants, where you can buy lunch or take away meals to eat on the exterior terrace. Keep in mind that it can get busy around lunchtime when people come and pick up some homemade pizza, an Occitan sandwich or freshly made tacos. Of the 15 varieties of tarts and quiches available at Les Tartes Lebrun, I chose a slice of a spicy curry madras quiche. Paired with a glass of local wine, I was happy with this new address on my Montpellier list.

Halles Laissac
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