Reconnect with yourself at Hotel Castigno in Assignan

Hotel Castigno

In the middle of the countryside and the garrigue near Saint-Chinian lies a unique village. Assignan is the home of Château & Village Castigno, a collection of projects that all have to do with the good things in life. It started with a vineyard, followed by three restaurants, a state-of-the-art wine cellar, and a beer brewery. The good news is that you can fully immerse yourself in Castigno’s universe by booking a room at Hotel Castigno.

Dispersed hotel

Assignan is like a well-kept secret that you want to share anyway. In a couple of years and step by step, the hamlet has undergone a metamorphosis with violet, pink and red tones predominating. Not just for the details, in Assignan you’ll find entire houses painted pink. And with the arrival of Hotel Castigno, you can even sleep there in style. It’s a so-called ‘dispersed hotel’, with 24 guestrooms and suites scattered over several village houses. All the rooms have been decorated differently, however all in the Castigno-style and palette. And Chéri and I treated ourselves to a stay in one of the Grâce des Anges rooms in La Maison d’Amis, which also houses the reception.

Hotel Castigno

Digital Detox

Coming to Hotel Castigno also means getting back to earth and recharging your batteries. Not only because you’re surrounded by peaceful nature but also because Village Castigno promotes a digital detox. Therefore, there is no WiFi, no TV or any other digital distractions. Chéri already turns his phone off during the weekends. However, it took me a little longer to detach from my screen… But when we spotted the little bag with flip-flops- purple of course- and towels, we immediately went to the pool. And there, in the water and on our sunbeds in a secluded spot, we completely came to our senses again.

Hotel Castigno

Comfy cocoon

Besides relaxing, there are a couple of activities to do. If you’re up for it, of course. Chéri and I went for a little bike tour in the afternoon. Destination: the wine cellar for a tasting. After cycling back to the village through the vines, a delicious dinner at La Petite Table– the bistro-grill style restaurant- awaited us. And this time, we didn’t have to drive home. Instead, we happily walked back to our comfy cocoon. The next morning started with a lovely breakfast served under the red parasols on the main square. It felt hard to leave this little piece of paradise and head back to the real world.

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