B&B Rue Galilée in Marseillan is a comfortable haven

B&B Rue Galilée

The minute you spot a Swedish flag right on the corner of a little street in Marseillan’s village centre, you know you’ve arrived at your holiday destination. Bed & Breakfast Rue Galilée immediately wraps you in a welcoming and cosy embrace with its old charm atmosphere and original details. Janne Larsson, owner and man in charge, knows his priorities, though. That’s why you will find the best four B’s in his comfy guesthouse: Beds, Bathrooms, Breakfast and even a proper Bar! Along with his partner Sara Verrall, Janne makes sure that nothing is lacking during your stay, that’s for sure.

Long-dreamed wish

When Janne first entered the house on 1 Rue Galilée in Marseillan in 2014, he felt it. Despite the utter ruin the house was, this very spot was the right place to fulfil his long-dreamed wish to start a Bed and Breakfast. After the sale was closed and the property was Janne’s, it was time to roll up his sleeves. And more… As a former electrician and having renovated other houses, Janne knew his way around. The villagers often came to peek at the building site to watch this ‘crazy Swede’ at work. Janne put his heart and soul into the renovation, and on 13 July 2016, his dream became reality. And after only ten months of hard work (!), it was the mayor himself who officially opened the Bed & Breakfast Rue Galilée.

B&B Rue Galilée

Carpe Diem

Since then, you can stay in one of the five two-person rooms, most of which have room for a child, too. Each room has its own style and is named after a vineyard or a local aperitif. Chéri and I were invited to the most luxurious one, Deluxe Suite Noilly Prat. However, I have to say that every room was top-notch when Janne showed us around. And every room has a Swedish Carpe Diem bed, which can be considered the Rolls-Royce of beds. It has happened more than once that guests have showed up late for breakfast, because they simply couldn’t make themselves get up. We also felt like we slept on a marshmallowy cloud and woke up completely reenergized. Just in time for the extensive Scandinavian-style breakfast…

B&B Rue Galilée


B&B Rue Galilée is an excellent destination for a romantic getaway, but you can also rent it as a whole. For family get-togethers, for example, or a reunion of friends. In total, Janne can accommodate ten adults and four children. It’s perfect for getting everybody together, with Janne and Sara taking care of everything. Have your aperitif in front of the house at one of the tables outside- Janne’s daytime office. Then, move the party to the cosy courtyard, including a serious BBQ, pizza oven and a big table to enjoy long summer nights. The nightcap can be enjoyed at the bar- B&B Rue Galilée is one of the only Bed and Breakfasts with a fully licenced indoor bar. And if the mood is right, why not end the night with a karaoke performance? In every case however, your stay at B&B Rue Galilée will be one to remember.

B&B Rue Galilée
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