Restaurant La Tour de Montady is a- very- pleasant surprise

La Tour de Montady

Finding unexpected hidden treasures are the best, and Restaurant La Tour de Montady certainly is one. Especially when you can sit outside on the terrace with a gorgeous view over the remarkable sun-shaped dry pond (‘étang’) of Montady (but that’s another story…). More important than the view is what you find on your plate, and that part is well-covered, too. Original local flavours and colours shake up classic French dishes and are a feast on the palate and eye.

Extended balcony

Part of the fun is to find La Tour de Montady. This charming little village in Béziers’ hinterland suddenly pops up above the vineyards. Literally, as it is located on a small hill- the only one in the vicinity. To reach the restaurant, you have to drive up- but not too far, or you will get stuck in the narrow streets. We stopped at the Rue du Ninou to park along the roadside and walked the last bit to the restaurant. Arriving onsite revealed a beautiful contemporary terrace as an extended balcony to the hill. The friendly brigade awaited us and brought us to our- front-row- table. As the sun was omnipresent, the blinds were down. For a good cause, I guess, although Chéri and I couldn’t resist peeking under them to admire the panorama.

Restaurant Montady

La Tour

Restaurant La Tour de Montady is named after one of the towers (‘tour’), once part of Montady’s Château. This castle was built around the 12th century and- almost- completely destroyed in 1846. Almost, as the tower is the only remnant. You can’t see it from the restaurant though, but the mural inside reminds you of its presence. As it was Sunday, we had brought the kids for a festive lunch. One glance at the menu made them realise it was nothing like a hamburger joint. Quite on the contrary, as La Tour understands how to pamper its guests gastronomically. You can eat ‘à la carte’ or choose one of the set menus ranging from 31.90 euros to 59.90 euros per person. They even offer a children’s menu- with homemade food- for 12 euros.

La Tour de Montady

Artful compositions

The family and I went for the ‘La Découverte’ menu with two options for the starter and main course and a dessert of choice. The first plates to arrive were such artful compositions, and so were the ones after. The boys had the veal tiradito, a kind of finely chopped tartare, with a quenelle of strawberry granita. Daughter-dear and I tried- and loved- the delicate beetroot sushi with local goat cheese. Chéri and the kids continued with a cut of bull steak in a sweet sangria gravy while I had a generous filet of black pollack (‘lieu noir’) in a piquillo pepper sauce. And to conclude, the kids unanimously picked the ‘Magnum cookies caramel’- all homemade, of course- while Chéri and I appreciated a strawberry cake with a tangy oompf. La Tour is one of those places where all good things in life come together, and we all gave our thumbs up!

La Tour de Montady
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